The Lightness of Walking 
for better balance & a pain-free Walk

Prevent Injuries: maintain lightness and ease for life.

JOIN a community of walkers
who keep learning ….to keep walking.

Would you like a WALK that has better balance, an easy stride  and is pain-free?  

The Lightness of Walking Program offers the skill of “taking care” before strain becomes pain!


How does this work?
The process is unique!

You sit in a chair or lie down to revisit and re-design your
A's, B's & C's for where you are TODAY.


each step allows your spine to get taller! 


dynamic balance 



the timing between your shoulders and pelvis &  legs and arms

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Lightness of Walking Group

Through the Lightness of Walking FB GROUP you are encouraged to heighten awareness of your patterns and learn to give yourself permission to PAUSE. Notice those subtle discomforts and take time to re-align.


Lightness of Walking Program

In the Program you learn to engage in several Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement® lessons, ways to experience and learn how to re-align, re-balance and re-connect before strain becomes pain.


Learn how to Redesign your WALK …without walking!

Are you Curious?

Learn to Redesign Your ABCs
6 Week, 12 hour Program 

Join a group of like-minded participants in a 6 week [12 hour] program ONLINE that has you sit in a chair or lie on the floor to notice your present Alignment, Balance and Coordination. Take time to quiet old patterns, and explore, through Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement® lessons ways to experience new possibilities for better Alignment, Balance and Coordination that works for you today. The goal is to keep learning …to keep walking for LIFE.  


Testimonials from Appreciative Walkers

Learned Quickly

Listen to Her Testimonial

Enhances my T’ai Chi

Listen to Her Testimonial

Feel your old patterns melt away as you
re-discover that easy, breezy,
pain-free Walk of your youth!

The Driving Force

In the Lightness of Walking FB Group you are encouraged by fellow members to discover new strategies that support your ability to maintain lightness, ease and balance throughout your LIFE!

The purpose?  To keep learning - to keep walking.

The Driving force  is to maintain Lifelong health and well being – mind and body.

When changes happen in life, the ability to adapt and grow in your whole being becomes vital for maintaining HEALTH.

In the Lightness of Walking Group you are encouraged to  expand your awareness to new possibilities for staying Healthy as you walk so that you have many strategies to maintain ease, lightness, balance, and efficiency throughout your LIFE!

Viva la Vida!! 

Still Curious?

Give yourself permission to honor where you are now and learn new possibilities.

Would you like to feel lighter and more free when you walk?

Would you like to feel refreshed after you walk?



Join the Program and discover the FREEDOM to Be Yourself as you Walk!

Allow yourself to turn inward - physically, mentally and emotionally and... outward - to the sky, trees, birds and people!!

Can you sense your movements as you walk?
What do you see as you walk?
Can you listen and see both – outside and inside?

Keep learning … keep walking.

light decorations in dark area


During the week and In between special classes --- you are encouraged to walk - outside, inside, up & down [stairs or mountains], in the park, or around the block. 

Ready?  Start walking!

These FEET were made for walking!


People are Enjoying the Program

"This last Tuesday changed everything. I went for a walk with my daughter and the baby and made it completely around the neighborhood with zero pain and I never got winded. I was able to breath through my nose the entire time. That NEVER happens. I "paused" a few times because I felt myself holding somewhere. Mostly my back. So I stopped and put one hand on my ribs and one on my shoulder to open my rib cage, breathed into several different places, walked backward a bit then resumed my walk. My shoulders even stayed down (They were always around my neck so I could breath). It was fabulous and EASY!”

Sue W.


Bonnie Kissam, M.A., Feldenkrais® Practitioner enjoys walking as an excellent tool to re-align and re-balance in thinking, action and feelings. She uses her extensive knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method® to listen and sense imbalances in her walk. When she senses a strain, she takes quick action and finds a variation to her pattern as she is walking. After a stressful outing. she takes time to re-align. This allows her to regain and maintain a pain-free and joyful walk.  

Bonnie invites you to join her on a Lifelong journey of discovering how you can always create new possibilities for ease and balance in your walk!

Viva Variations!

Walking is FREE! Discover FREEDOM in your Walking!


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