2021 Move Better, Feel Better Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit

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May 1 - May 10th, 2021

Get important tips for moving, feeling, and living better from more than 30 experts in somatic learning, movement, and overall wellbeing. Then, discover how you can translate that knowledge to the world around you.

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This year the summit is going to start with a truly remarkable event. On May 1st, they’re doing a full day of Awareness Through Movement® like no one has ever attempted before. It’s a full 24-hours of movement-themed fun with 22 different lessons with different teachers from around the world, a keynote address by Olena Nitefor, and a Q&A session that you can participate in. It’s going to be a legendary experience. After that, the line-up includes some really profound and eye-opening topics. Each day will have a theme focused around interviews with professionals in their fields, then the day will recap with a live panel discussion with expert panelists (like me). Whether you come just to support me and join my panel discussion or you try to catch every event, this is sure to be something that adds value to your life.

I hope to "see" you there!

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Bonnie K.

PS: Interviews, panel discussions are recorded and available for a few days after and for purchase.

Panel Discussion:
Move Your Brain
May 9th - 6pm EST 

Come join me May 9th at 6:00 pm for a panel discussion on interviews regarding the theme: Move Your Brain

As my thank-you for attending, receive the free gifts mentioned below!

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The ABC's for a Better Balanced, Pain-Free Walk

32 page illustrated guide

Your Gift #2

3 Instructional Videos to help you with...


each step allows your spine to get taller! 


develop dynamic balance


the timing between your shoulders and pelvis & legs and arms

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